Privacy Policy

  • Events are organized by the party listed in the description (ORGANIZER)
  • Tickets are sold by Dahlhouse Enterprises, LLC d.b.a. DHE Tickets (COMPANY)
  • Ticketing services are hosted on EventsFrame & Eventmie platforms (HOST)


GENERAL Ticket orders are processed on ORGANIZER's behalf by the COMPANY with software provided by the HOST. HOST does not provide support for ticket buyers and has no direct relation with them. If you have any questions about ticket orders please contact the COMPANY. For event questions, contact ORGANIZER.


REFUNDS Refund policies are set by the ORGANIZER and managed by the COMPANY. See ticket details and event description for information.


PRIVACY COMPANY will not share or distribute any personally identifying information about your ticket purchase with anyone other than the ORGANIZER. All Credit Card information is encrypted prior to submission and cannot be viewed by any entity.